Your Life Chart and its Guidance


By combining hypnotherapy and metasymbology my work with clients goes beyond regular counselling work to facilitate real changes in behaviour

and thought patterning.


All behaviour is based on individual patterning, which if repeated often enough become habits. These habits become your subconscious mind's go-to mechanisms for self protection and comfort. 


I work with my clients to define what's not working, define how you would like to feel instead, and then access the subconscious mind directly through hypnosis to facilitate these changes. When the subconscious mind is ready and prepared for change you will then be able to make a difference in how you see yourself and others and these changes will begin to become a part of your daily life and behaviours.


My hypnotherapy sessions include counselling to discuss the circumstances of your dilemma and to help you understand the dynamics at play and then work your way through them.


Calculating your metasymbology gives me such a clear understanding of who you are, your personality type, your weaknesses and your strengths. I believe that if therapy is to work it needs to be created specifically for you, based on your individual needs and custom-made for you according to the way you see the world you live in. In this way my bespoke life counselling and life guidance is trulyy uniqie and highly effective.


The most rewarding experiences are when I am able to give hope, clarity and inspiration to my client.


I believe that every person has something unique and special about them that makes them exceptional. To help them get to know the real essence of themselves and to tap into their soul spark is truly rewarding for me, and often life changing for them. By clearing their cloud of fog and confusion I can bring understanding, inspiration and magic to their perception of their life and themselves. I just love it!