"Karen Dess has changed my life. Not in small breakthrough’s, but in life altering shifts.


Before my first Hypnotherapy session I was at a complete loss with my life.  I didn’t have any concrete dreams, aspirations, drive or motivation. I felt an urge inside of me to create but I didn’t know how to begin, I had seen every past attempt as a failing. I was never happy with my work as an artist. My confidence and self-love had basically diminished.


After my first session with Karen I felt a sudden drive to paint. My creativity flourished from somewhere inside of me and since then my creative ideas have been overflowing. After the second session with Karen I found a real thirst for life. I started to really enjoy my own company. On more then one occasion, I put myself out there and attended social events on my own, meeting some really wonderful people along the way (having always been labelled a ‘shy’ person, this on its own was something huge). After my third session with Karen I found waking up at 5am in the blistering winter cold and darkness to be a breeze. In fact I was already awake (5 minutes before my alarm) beaming to get up out of the warmth and start my day.


I am ever thankful to Karen; because now I can safely say I love myself inside and out. I am content on my own and with each present moment. The company of others and beautiful experiences are a bonus. I have formed new loving friendships. I have whole-heartedly forgiven others and myself for past wrong doings.  I have a very successful career ahead of me as a visual artist (I now have the confidence to recognise my own talent).  I have the strength and will power to persevere when I am faced with challenges. I am now  ‘a morning person’ who has concrete goals and the motivation to follow through.


All of the above would not be possible if it wasn’t for Karen and her extensive knowledge in Hypnotherapy, Numerology, Astrology, Dream Analysis,  Parapsychology, NLP, Sound and Colour Therapy (and much more...) which gave Karen a deep insight into who I am as a person and how she could help improve my wellbeing on a more holistic level.


If you wish to live a happy life then Karen’s hypnotherapy sessions are for you.”

Rebecca, 25, (Life direction and confidence client)



"Karen did amazing work with me. I feel more confident, more open, more focused in the present moment and free to be myself without fear. My hair is growing in a natural way. This makes me feel happier. Thanks Karen & hypnosis - you're such a good team!"

Elena, 29, (Improved hair growing client)



“I was ready to stop smoking, but didn't really know how to do it. Now I don't feel like smoking at all. I don't even think about smoking.”  

Amy, 21 (Stop smoking client)



“Hypnotherapy allowed me to address things that had been niggling at me, particularly at work where I would worry about not learning fast enough. That was really troubling before but now I feel less anxious about it. Now I'm not spiralling into a panic like before. It has helped me to have my head screwed on and to be emotionally detached. I can think through feelings now and not think with my heart. It's become a good tool in my emotional tool box. ”

Madeleine, 33 (Improved confidence client)


 “Karen’s tarot reading was the most down-to-earth and level-headed reading I’ve ever had”

Cora, Tarot reading client, Balmain



“I had suffered from stomach pain since I was a young teenager. Years later it was diagnosed as IBS and my doctor recommended I eat a bland diet and live with it. Working with Karen ended all the pain and discomfort. Now I can eat anything I like and no longer feel any of the symptoms which had affected my life for so many years.” 

Karolina, 23 (Irritable Bowel Syndrome client)



“My husband and I were trying for our second child. After 9 months of meticulous tracking of my menstrual cycle and unsuccessful attempts to fall pregnant I felt quite stressed and very frustrated. Karen suggested a hypnotherapy session and although I was quite sceptical and wondered 'How could I treat myself through thought?' I decided that I had nothing to lose. So we did one session and I felt more relaxed about the situation. I finished that cycle and then my next period was late and sure enough - I was pregnant again! So now we are the proud parents of two happy children and I would most certainly recommend hypnotherapy as a first port of call for anyone trying unsuccessfully (and stressing) to fall pregnant, because you never really know what's stopping it from happening."  

Georgia, 40 (Infertility client)



“The birth of my first baby was traumatic and I did not want to go through it again. I had no idea if hypnosis would work for me or not, but as the birth of my second baby was fast approaching, I was willing to try it. I couldn’t believe the difference. My delivery was peaceful and relaxed, I felt in control of my own body and I managed the pain without drugs. I could even hear Karen’s voice in my mind calming me throughout the contractions.” 

Joanne, 35 (Hypnotic birth client)


 “The labour itself felt like a really zen moment. All time stopped for the moment of the contraction. I felt like I was in control of the pain and that I could do it. The midwives and nurses were amazed that I could last that long without pain relief."

Eva, 36 (Hypnotic birth client)



“It is now exactly three calendar months since I last had a cigarette and I am still going strong.  I’ve even had lunch with my smoking friends and wasn’t even really tempted.  In fact I seem to have developed a bit of a blind spot – I don’t notice people smoking ... at one point I noticed how many cigarette butts were in the ash tray and was astonished as I hadn’t really registered that both of them had been smoking that much ...  I can sit talking to them and not pay attention to the fact they are having a cigarette.  It is weird but effective so thank you once again!"

Vicky (Stop Smoking client)



“I've been feeling a lot better since our session and I've managed to make a decision. Thanks for all your help - it really made a difference." 

Helen, 37 (Indecision client)



“One of the best tarot readings I've ever had!." 

Teresa, Tarot reading client, Balmain