Session details

After every session you will receive a FREE HYPNOTIC RECORDING of all the hypnotic trance and suggestions used in your session. These recordings are for your own use and can be played when you are relaxing to further reinforce the work you do together. These recordings will be provided to you after each session free-of-charge.


How many sessions will I need?


Everyone has a different learning curve and a capacity for change. Occasionally clients have found that one session is sufficient to unlock their potential and achieve the goal they want. Others have found that it took up to four or five sessions to completely achieve their goal.


Generally however, three sessions are enough for most people to shift the original issue that they came to see me for. If your issue is the result of years of entrenched negativity and difficulty dealing with certain situations then it may indeed take longer. However a lot of clients find that all natures if issues including habits, negative attitudes and behaviours are often cleared after only a few sessions. Recent clients of mine who found the change they were after in only three sessions include a client who was able to stop a gambling habit, another who was able to relieve control issues which were leading to stress headaches and a third who was able to turn crippling apathy into positive motivation.


All sessions and consultations are 90 minutes.  Firstly I take a comprehensive case history of your problem and then work with you to pin point exactly what your goals are and what stops you from achieving them.




Clinic Procedures:

  • Sessions must be paid for by cash or credit card / eftpos on the day of therapy.
  • If you need to reschedule or cancel you appointment please do so 24hrs prior to avoid a fee charge of 50%. This is because there are usually people waiting to be seen and your appointment time could be allocated to someone else with enough notice
  • If you arrive late for your session you will be charged the full session fee.
  • Please let me know at time of booking if you are able to claim a rebate through your health care provider.
  • This practice makes every endeavour at all times to achieve happy and successful results for our clients, however in the event of any dissatisfaction no refunds will be given.


For further information or to make a booking:



0412 911 147




Packages Cost
3 session Package  $480
Single 90 min session $165


Sessions Available:

Croydon Location: Any time by appointment

25 Edwin Street South

Croydon, NSW 2132

Phone: 0412 911 147


Nature's Engery Balmain: Every second Sunday

312 Darling St

Balmain, NSW 2041

Phone: 02 9555 5533


Life Source Yoga And Health: Mondays and some Fridays by appointment

Suite 4, Ground Floor

41 McLaren Street

North Sydney, NSW 2060

Phone: 02 8904 0202