My personal story

From my earliest memories I have always been attracted to what we know as metaphysics. As a young child I had a natural belief that dreaming  something and imagining something was largely the same thing, and that whatever you envisioned could happen. I grew up in a world of magical 60's TV and fantasy, where talking toys could come to life, talking ghosts lived with nice families, and talking fairies lived in complete alternative universes at the bottom of everyone's garden.


As a tween I was eager to understand the world and how and why we existed in it. The structures of space and time and the properties of the ethereal and the esoteric confused and perplexed me. How did cause and effect really work? Why did one person love something that another person hated? Even then I knew that behaviour and personality traits must go well beyond DNA and hair colour. There had to be comprehensible explanations.


I first became interested in astrology, runes, numerology and tarot cards as a young teenager and would do readings for myself and my friends. In my early twenties I studied metasymbology and tarot reading with a gifted psychic and metasymbology master for six months and I began reading tarot and metasymbology professionally in 1996. Since then I have worked as a reader in Australia, the UK and the USA.


My interest in behaviour, response and our life stories led me to examine hypnotherapy in the early 2000's. I had studied behavioural sciences as part of my undergraduate degree but felt that traditional developmental psychology and theories of personality were too general and lacked authentic reality. Hypnotherapy, I discovered, didn't try to treat the classification of a person. Instead it deals directly with the individual's subconscious mind, accessing the real power within. In 2005 I studied for a diploma of hypnotherapy and practitioners certificate in NLP, and I have been practicing ever since.