How Tarot works

A deck of Tarot cards consists of 78 cards, being 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana, each of which has a symbolic meaning and which references a

particular perception of life or experience. When spread out in a sequence, where each position represents a particular aspect of life, the cards tell a story in the same way that a picture book can. Knowing the symbolic meanings and interpretations of the cards allows a reader to ‘get the picture’, and tapping into the client’s energy allows the reader to ‘hear the music’. Combined, this allows the reader to understand the characteristics and situation of a client and to give feedback on the situation relevant to the questions asked.


This works by tapping into a combination of the client’s personal energy and the atmospheric energy of the moment. We all have free will and choice at all times and nothing is cast in stone. However it is possible to predict likely outcomes given the current course of events based on a combination of subconscious mind intent and the synchronicity of timing and coincidence.


Karl Jung suggested that events occur due to a combination of causality and synchronicity. In this way ‘meaningful coincidences’ combine with occurrences shaped by random chance to create subsequent events that appear to happen purely by chance but which carry some meaning for the person to whom they occur.