How I work

I start my readings with analysing your metasymbology to look at your life path and where you are at on your path at the moment.


Then I do a tarot reading using a metasymbology spread of 49 cards to give a general understanding of all areas of your life, and finally I answer all your specific questions using a process of concentrating on your questions while shuffling the cards, and the cards answering your questions will fly out of the pack.


I began reading tarot and metasymbology in 1996. I first became interested in astrology, runes and tarot cards as a young teenager and would do readings for myself and my friends. I became a professional reader while studying at uni and after friends encouraged me to do so. I have now been reading professionally for almost 19 years.


I am clairaudient and clairsentient. Clairaudient, maning "clear hearing", is where I can hear suggestions inside my head which occur like they are my own thoughts. Clairsentience, meaning “clear feeling”, is where I feel the energetic vibrations of other people’s intent and this gives me information about them.

I combine my tarot readings with metasymbology.


What I like most about offering readings is meeting all the new people and getting an insight into their lives and their personalities. People's stories play out in front of me like characters in a book or a movie. Calculating their metasymbology gives me such a clear understanding of who they are, their weaknesses and their strengths.


I love unravelling their questions and dilemmas and revealing positive solutions and possibilities for them in accordance with their metasymbology type. I get so excited with them / for them about what the future can hold and I always find ways to frame my answers in the positive.


Often I get so wrapped up in their stories that when they run out of questions I will add a couple of my own, because I’m so eager to know how things will turn out for them and that they will be able to find the rewarding outcomes that they’re looking for.